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Cool. Compact. Surprisingly versatile!

Different paraphernalia to delight you. Choose the fittings that will boost the form and function of your New VIOS.

Here is the list of Toyota Genuine accessories:
  • Aroma Kit
  • Back Sensor
  • Bumper Corner Protector
  • Car Cover
  • Early Warning Device
  • Premium Floor Mats
  • Fog Lamps
  • Front Skirt
  • Front Sunshade
  • HID Head Lamp Bulb
  • Illuminated Leg Room
  • Inverter
  • Ipod Interface
  • License Plate Frame
  • Luggage Tray
  • Mirror Cover w/Led & Paint
  • Muffler Cutter
  • Mudguard Set
  • Outer Rear View Mirror
  • Panel Set Black Kevlar
  • Premium Floor Mats
  • Rear Skirt
  • Rear Spoiler
  • Scuff Plate
  • Seat Belt Pad
  • Seat Cover
  • Side Moulding
  • Side Skirt
  • Side Sunshade
  • Side Visor
  • TRD Aero Kit
  • TRD Mags (4 pcs)
  • TRD Scuff Plate
  • TRD Spoiler
  • TRD Suspension Kit

  • aroma kit
    Aroma Kit
    PZ075-00001/PZ075-00002/PZ075-00003P 1,465.64
    100% pure essential il blend air freshener with natural essences, plug-in type in DC power outlet.

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    back sensor
    Back Sensor
    89180-YZA11P 7,228.31
    Make backing and parking easier with this accessory that assist the driver during reverse mode.

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    bumper corner protector
    Bumper Corner Protector
    PZT00-361C4-01P 269.82
    Keep those scratches and blind turn glitches off with supplementary safeguard.

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    car cover
    Car Cover
    09183-YZA326P 1,619.00
    Made of taffeta with garter and belt to protect your car from dirt, sun and rain.

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    early warning device
    Early Warning Device
    01980-YZA01P 743.27
    Stay at ease and safe even during unexpected circumstances with this retractable, compact, and stable base Early Warning Device that meets Philippines and International Specifications.

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    fog lamp
    Fog Lamps
    81200-YZA104P 8,073.88
    Improve viibility during heavy rain and fog.

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    front skirt
    Front Skirt
    PZ035-0D001-00P 15,791.06
    Add style and individuality to yur Toyota Vios.

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    Front Sunshade
    Front Sunshade
    PZ013-0D005P 872.00
    Designed to protect the interior of your car fron heat while maintaining an edgy and trendy design

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    HID Head Lamp Bulb
    HID Head Lamp Bulb
    81900-YZA11P 15,523.00
    Have a greater visibility at night or during heavy rain and fog with these HID head lamp bulbs

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    illuminated leg room
    Illuminated Leg Room
    PZ064-0D001P 8,622.03
    A blue interior light that glows when you open the door. Works best at night.

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    86210-YZA01P 4,072.72
    Feel at home or turn your vehicle into a mobile office by using this inverter taht allows extra electrical appliances to be utilized on-board.

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    ipod interface
    Ipod Interface
    P/N 08690-YZA02P 13,354.67
    Music everywhere! Keep your favorite iPod playing while travelling . Connect it to your head unit without voiding your vehicle and Ipod warranty.

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    ipod interface
    License Plate Frame
    08407-YZA01P 1,043.64
    Protect your license plate and add style to your Vios with this frame.

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    Luggage Tray
    Luggage Tray
    PZ022-0D006P 1,853.00
    Protect your vehicle's interior from wet luggage with this durable, sturdy and perfectly fit luggage tray.

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    Mirror Cover with Led & Paint
    Mirror Cover w/Led & Paint
    87920-YZA10P 8,300.00
    Give your side mirrors a dash of sophistication and elegance while enhancing your vehicle's safety features.

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    muffler cutter
    Muffler Cutter
    PZ056-52001P 814.00
    Give your vehicle's image more style and sophistication.

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    mudguard set
    Mudguard Set
    76600-YZA04P 3,783.00
    Protect your wheels and body from the onslaught of mud -- keep it clean and safe from environment wear and tear.

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    outrear view mirror
    Outer Rear View Mirror
    P/N 87091-YZA06P 10,351.53
    Additional safety device that enables the drivers behind you to see your direction and warnings more clearly.

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    Panel Set Black Kevlar
    Panel Set Black Kevlar
    PZ015-0D006P 3,878.00
    Integrate Sportiness into the interior of your Vios with this Carbon Kevlar inspired panel.

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    floor mats
    Premium Floor Mats
    58081-YZA31P 1,816.00
    This needle-punched carpet with spike backing protects yuor vehicle floor from dirt. Custom fitted tp the shape of the floor.

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    rear skirt
    Rear Skirt
    PZ036-0D001-00P 17,813.36
    Make your vehicle's rear appearance more stylish.

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    Rear Spoiler
    Rear Spoiler
    04767-YZA08P 7,664.00
    A more trendy design to suite your taste

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    scuff plate
    Scuff Plate
    PZ024-0D003P 2,296.40
    Protect your floor panel from deep scratches and add style to your vehicle.

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    seat belt pad
    Seat Belt Pad
    P/N PZ081-00004-01P 512.09
    Experience unhampered driving fun with this unique and soft seatbelt pad.

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    seat cover
    Seat Cover
    Contact us
    Protect your seat from stains and dirt.

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    side moulding
    Side Moulding
    75805-YZA03P 4,475.69
    Add zip and zing to your vehicle's appearance.

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    side skirt
    Side Skirt
    PZ0390D001-00P 9,708.55
    PZ039-0D002-00P 9,708.55
    Add flair while giving extra protection to the side of your vehicle.

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    Side Sunshade
    Side Sunshade
    PZ013-0D006P 1,376.00
    A complementary accessory to the front sunshade that is designed to repel heat away from your car's interior

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    side visor
    Side Visor
    PZ033-0D002P 3,749.46
    Keep rain out and fresh air in with these side visors made with durable plastic.

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    TRD Aero Kit
    TRD Aero Kit
    PZ000-0D007P 89,676.00
    Front Skirt, Rear Skirt, Side Skirts (L & R), Sportivo Emblem, and Muffler Cutter

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    TRD Mags (4 pcs)
    TRD Mags (4 pcs)
    PZ000-0D008P 51,516.00
    15" Alloy Wheels w/ TRD Center Cap

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    TRD Scuff Plate
    TRD Scuff Plate
    PZ024-0D007P 6,518.00

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    TRD Spoiler
    TRD Spoiler
    PZ030-0D007-00P 20,572.00

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    TRD Suspension Kit
    TRD Suspension Kit
    P 49,601.00
    Shock Absorber, Coil Springs, Bumper Springs, and Camber Bolt

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